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  • Security Intelligence Bureau Introduces A Brand New Blog Dedicated To Personal Security, Safety & Emergency Preparedness Issues...


         Alfred McComber here, host of the Code Red! radio show and Executive Director of the private firm, Security Intelligence Bureau.  We specialize in helping private individuals, companies, organizations and even government agencies with top quality personal security, safety and emergency preparedness products, supplies, gear and specialized training to help save lives and property BEFORE Disasters Strike!

         I want to personally thank you for taking a few moments to stop by our brand new Security Intelligence Bureau Blog that is especially designed to bring you lots of great, up-to-date information, resources, strategies and thought provoking tips to help increase your personal security, safety and emergency preparedness for you, your family & loved ones, as well as your own business or workplace.

         During the coming weeks, I will be using my long time veteran law enforcement, rescue squad operations and high level dignitary protection training and experience to personally share very specific information and valuable insight regarding what it really takes to increase your safety and security in today's often dangerous and violent world. 

         I am not here to scare you in to purchasing products or services you may not need.  Instead, my goal is to help you realize and truly understand that no matter what you may have been told or believed in the past, the fact is, YOU are ultimately responsible for your personal security and safety! 

         The good news is you do have plenty of powerful options to increase your security and safety and I'll be sharing proven strategies that really do work and can be quickly and easily implemented at home, work, school, while traveling and even while at play.

         I encourage you to leave your comments and any specific questions you'd like to have answered regarding personal security, safety and disaster preparedness and I'll make sure we personally get you the information you need to make informed decisions on what's best for your particular situation.

         Until Next Time,

    Be Vigilant, Be Prepared, Be Safe!


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